Mason Jars

There are several things that you can do with mason jars besides the obvious (store food, drink out of them and recycling them).  Here is a list of simple home projects to re-use and re-purpose mason jars.



A mason jar, some wire,  sand, tea light candles and about 15 minutes will create lanterns to help make your patio or porch into a beautiful outdoor space.




See how the CSI Project create a vintage look to turn mason jars into pots and vases for your herbs and fresh flowers.



Feel like you are running out of space?  Check out this simple wall storage project to help you get organized!



You can buy this premade on Etsy, or give it a shot yourself here!



Fruit jam + cocktails = Your day just got more refreshing! Find out how to make this here.



Mason jar lantern version number 2.  Get it here at this Etsy shop or try it yourself!



Mason Jar chandelier, a little bit down home country a little bit hipster chic, call it what you want but it looks amazing!


So what are you waiting for?  Go dig out some mason jars and make something!

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