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Garden Pricing

All Gardens are 4ft X 6ft and include:
• grass and weed removal
• double dig process to ensure optimal growth
• mulch around garden
• a mix of young seedling plants and seeds

Garden Types:
Select from our popular types including The Seasonal, The Salsa, The Herb Forest, The Salad Bowl, and The Kiddo Creation or we will build a custom garden to your specifications. (see details for each type)

Double Dig Garden

Double dig gardens are in-ground gardens in which we use a technique to aerate your soil and provide a natural look. Choose the original weed resistant mulch border or upgrade to one of our accent options.

Mulch Chips........$350
Pea Pebbles.........$385
Marble Chips.......$385
Beach Stones.......$440

Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed gardens are ideal for yards that do not have enough top soil and need more soil and nutrients for optimal vegetable productivity.

Cinder Blocks......$500
Cedar Planks.......$550
Limestone Brick...$650



Starting at $60 per visit


Starting at $100 per visit


$30 per week

Note: Maintenance prices vary according to amount of labor and soil remediation materials.


$200 including multi-level bin and worms

Compost Systems

Due to the variables involved please call for pricing

Rain Collection

Due to the variables involved please call for pricing